Saturday, July 27, 2013

Visiting Missionaries in MOBILE, ALABAMA

Meeting with Elder Christensen (Oklahoma) and Elder Lovell (Arizona), and Sisters Swanger (Florida) and Dawe (Spanish Fork).
We then traveled to Pascagoula, Mississippi to meet Elders Brewington (Idaho) and Rasmussen (American Fork) for the baptism of Angela.
It was a great day!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Elder and Sister Griffen

What a great example of how to do missionary work. This couple is amazing! We can all learn something from them and their work ethic.

Teaching with our Dothan Missionaries

Once again, our favorite part of visiting each area of the mission is teaching appointments with the missionaries. Makes us love them even more. President went teaching with Elder Stubbs and Elder Hintze. I went with Sister Mehew and Sister Johnson.


Meeting with President Smith for Interviews are our fabulous Enterprise, Alabama missionaries; Elder Jones, Elder Bott, Sister Barton, and Sister Slivers.


Such great missionaries in Troy, Alabama! Elders Gardner, Bastian, and Anderson, Sister Harris, and Sister Barnes

Planning in DOTHAN

We planned with Elder Hyer and Elder Davidson this morning. Always a fun opportunity.

Our Incredible TALLY 3 Sisters

Our incredible TALLY 3 Sisters came to visit after Interviews in their color coordinated missionary attire.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Entering beautiful Panama City!
Today we interviewed with the missionaries in the Panama City Zone, and then had the opportunity to teach with the missionaries. I went with Sister Stanfield and Sister Holmoe to visit the Smith family. What a wonderful and powerful message these two sisters left with that family.
And President Smith went with Elder Murdoch and Elder Hadden to visit Kevin.
The opportunity to go out and teach with these missionaries is the high "light" of the mission. They are incredible! I couldn't be prouder of them.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Elders Sanders and Parsons prepare for a baptism in their area, Gulf Breeze. We traveled across three mile bridge to visit the baptismal candidates. What a wonderful mother and daughter preparing to be baptized on Saturday!


President and I spent the morning planning with Elder Weir and Elder Smith. Great job Elders! And then we had the opportunity to teach and testify with our missionaries in Milton, Florida (just outside Pensacola). Thanks Sister Rappleye, Sister Jameson, Elder Smith, and Elder Cooper for allowing us such a wonderful opportunity to see you as true disciples of Christ. Loved it!


We met for the first time with all of the leadership in our Mission for training on our "Mission Vision". We are so very impressed with the desire of these great missionaries to do every thing asked of them in an effort to strengthen the work. We feel very blessed to be serving with missionaries in the Florida, Tallahassee Mission.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A BAPTISM in the Quincy Branch

These Elders have been working hard, and the wonderful Suber family entered the waters of baptism today in the Quincy ward house. It was a beautiful service, and we enjoyed meeting the Suber's, and other branch members. This is what missionary work is all about! Awesome!

And finally, off to DOTHAN, ALABAMA to visit with our DOTHAN ZONE

Sisters from the Dothan Zone.

And then a 2 hour drive to MOBILE, ALABAMA

We loved the drive into MOBILE -Amazing! Can't wait to share pictures of the beautiful landscape of this city.

Next Day . . . . .Pensacola, Florida

This Mission area is absolutely beautiful! I feel like I'm driving through a forest of green pines on the freeway, and then over long and scenic bridges with a view of the ocean that is just stunning. Super lucky missionaries! The ward house in Pensacola.The cute sister missionaries in Pensacola.


Heading along 1-10, marveling at the beautiful scenery on our way to the beach, well actually, Panama City. Lucky missionaries.And then another two hour drive to Fort Walton Beach. The sand on the beaches is so white it looks like snow! Lucky, lucky missionaries!Three of the Fort Walton Sister missionaries.

TALLY 1 & 2 Zones "Meet the President" Tour

It was so wonderful to spend the week meeting our new missionaries. We learned a little bit about them, and we gave them an opportunity to ask us questions. We were "WOW"ed by all of the incredible talent in each zone, and quickly fell in love with each one of them. Our first stop -just next door at the Tallahassee ward building with our Tallahassee 1 & 2 Zones.

Friday, July 5, 2013

We're Home for the Next Three Years!

We're home in Tallahassee, Florida. This beautiful home represents the history and southern charm here in Tallahassee. It is so green and lush everywhere you look! Of course, that could be because it has been raining cats and dogs since we arrived. The sun is just beginning to show itself for the first time since our arrival on Tuesday. This incredible tree in our front yard dates back to the civil war. There has been MUCH to do since arriving, but we have had excellent preparation from President and Sister Jensen, and are SOOO grateful to them for everything they have done for us and for the mission. They are WONDERFUL! We only hope to be able to fill their shoes. We would not have made it through the very first day without the help of GREAT Assistants, Elders NORTON, RHOADES, and BLANCHARD. And a BIG THANKS to Elders BUCHANAN and HELGESEN for all of their tech work on our computers, phones, etc. WOW!! Couldn't be more impressed with these wonderful Elders. Our office couple, the MOWERS are wonderful people! We are so grateful to be working with so many great and dedicated people. We are working on settling into our new assignment, and all of the crazy components that come along with that, but we will be traveling into the Mission beginning next Tuesday to meet all of our missionaries. Can't wait! We'll post pictures of all of our Zones, after our visit. And, it's raining cats and dogs again . . . . . .