Monday, October 26, 2015

Feeling Blessed

So hard to say good bye to this great couple :(

The Brewer


Search & Rescue

Foley Baptism

Beautiful Baptism day in Foley for Elder Stonely and Elder Chapdelaine.

The Work is unBEARable!

First week in the Mission for Elder Jenkins, and this is what greeted he and his companion, Elder Hatori out working this week.

Baptism Day

Baptism in Mobile for Elder Pusey and Elder Smith

Defenders of Truth

And the back side of the story . . . . .

Family History Fun

The Farm Life

Elder Troxel, Elder Kent, Sister White, and Sister Call working on the farm.

Elder LeeLo & Elder Larsen

Happy Halloween from Pensacola and the FTM!

Baptism Day

Baptism in Fort Walton for Sister Miller and Sister Robinson. Happy Day!

Monday Motivational

In the South we are motivated by BACON!

Sister Merrill

Yeah for reuniting with Sister Merrill!! We love her!

Welcome Elder & Sister Taggert

Welcome Elder and Sister Taggert to the Florida Tallahassee Mission! We are so grateful for your willingness to serve, and we know already that we are going to love serving with you! Toxey is very blessed to have you!!

Mobile Stake Conference

Attending the Mobile Alabama Stake Conference wouldn't be complete without hugs from our Marshallese family!

Love Your Selfie!

Interviews in Pensacola with my Girls!

All Worn Out!!

Hard to Say Good-Bye

Returning home this week; Elder Carlile and Elder David Jorgensen. Two of our finest Missionaries!

That's What it Takes!!

After the Mission

What are all of these great returned Missionaries from the FTM doing together at the Temple?
Attending the Temple sealing of these two great returned Missionaries from the FTM! Congrats Elder May and Sister Peterson!

Early Gift Giving in Semmes

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our Departing Missionaries

It's always a sweet experience sharing stories and testimonies from our Mission experience. Departing Missionaries do a lot of reflecting the last few weeks of their Mission.
After dinner and a devotional, some of us did some jamming in our jammie's!

New Missionaries Arrive

There is always a great deal of excitement in the Mission with the arrival of new Missionaries. We welcomed a great group in on Tuesday, and look forward to all of the wonderful work they will do here in the South.
Amazing what a good nights sleep will do for traveling and nervous Missionaries! We paired them up with their new companion and trainers, and sent them off to their new areas!
Let the FUN begin!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Arriving Missionaries

Just wanted to report to all of the parents of the newly arriving Missionaries that they did indeed arrive! I know that many of them did not have an opportunity to call you at the Airport because of lack of time. We will send a picture of them at the Mission home to all of you on Thursday afternoon. Right now, there tummies are full, and they are in bed because they got up at 2:30 a.m. to leave for the Airport!! Don't worry about them, they are all doing great.

Hiding in a Cave

Preparation day in Mariana at the Florida Caverns.

Snow White

It's that time of year again! The beautiful cotton fields of Alabama.

Saraland Baptism

Baptism day in Saraland for Elder Snow and Elder Bennett.

Search & Rescue

The Clinic is Closing!

These great Missionaries, Elder and Sister Lay leave for home in two weeks. We are so grateful for their service to the Mission, and especially their service to our Missionaries in keeping them healthy and happy 24-7. Sometime in the next two weeks, take the time to thank them, especially Sister Lay for keeping you well. It's been a BIG job, and she's TIRED!


Just Ponderizing

Baptism Day in Tallahassee

Yeah for Angelique! Happy Day for Ashley, Elder Bradford and Elder Peck.