Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fairhope Elders

While in Mobile, President had the opportunity to go out teaching with these great Elders, Elder Richardson and Elder Sahli. He was so impressed with the spirit and preparation of their teaching. We love our Missionaries!

United We Stand

Our Mission vision and theme for the year 2015 -"UNITED WE STAND". We will work as a mission to become more unified as a Mission, in companionships, as Districts and Zones, and with Members in the work of salvation. We will strive to become more united as we stand as a witness of Him in all that we do, say, and the area's where we serve. As we plan and set goals for this year, we will find ways to become united in purpose with our Savior and His teachings. We know that becoming one with Him, through living gospel principles, brings true joy and happiness! Thank you Elder Larsen for your artistic talent, and the beautiful way you put our vision on paper!

Monday, January 26, 2015


Our very courageous Niceville and Destin Sisters on Preparation Day. (Sister Bracey, Sister Stratton, Sister Willes, Sister Morris, and Sister Barrick)

Book of Mormon Fireside

Book of Mormon fireside in Crawfordville, Florida. Sister Samuelian, Sister Evans, and President Tucker love to share the message of the Book of Mormon.

Ozark Baptism

Baptism Day in Ozark, Alabama for Elder Moss and Elder Hatori.

It's Been Chilly

Sister Dillon and Sister Turina working through even the chilly days in Geneva.

FSU Campus Baptism

FSU Campus Sisters, Sister Jackson and Sister Anderson enjoy a beautiful baptism day.

Sweet Home Alabama

Elder Inbody reflecting on. . . . .the beauty of Alabama.

Theodore Baptism

Another baptism in Theodore for Elder Huntsman and Elder Payne.

Coma Tose!

Whenever President Smith greets our Spanish missionaries, he says: "Coma Tose", because he does not know a bit of Spanish. Elder Stroupe drew this picture of the Pascagoula Spanish and English Elders.

Tally Missionaries

Some of our Tallahassee Missionaries live in these apartments. The landlord is not a member, but loves the Missionaries, and chose to identify their residence.

Pascagoula Baptism

Baptism day in Pascagoula, Mississippi for Elder Young and Elder Blake, our Spanish Elders.

Baptism in Theodore, Alabama

Baptism day in Theodore for Elder Huntsman and Elder Payne.

Baptism in Tallahassee

A wonderful baptism day in Tallahassee for Elder Sorenson and Elder Welch, and the Ladle family.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spending Time With Our Missionaries

Such a fun day teaching with these cute Sisters; Sister Irons and Sister Bernston in Bonifay.
And then with these cute Sisters in Daphne, Alabama; Sister Coleman and Sister Brown.
I'm not sure how I feel about some of the lunch bowls our missionaries make for themselves?
Can you pick out President Smith's shoes? Just look for the shiniest shoe in the group!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baptism Day in Gulf Breeze

Baptism in Gulf Breeze with Elder Burnett and Elder Arrington.

A Day in Panama City

Great to be able to attend the Calloway District Meeting today. Great training from Elder Douglas and Sister Jensen. Feeling happy to be a Missionary. Then interviews, and dinner with our Panama City Zone Leaders, Elder Smellie and Elder Truman.

Missionaries Unite

Our missionaries, Elder Harding and Elder Bovee, enjoy a reunion at our 1/2 Mission Conference, when they haven't seen each other since they arrived in the Mission.
Our Spanish Elders Unite at 1/2 mission conference.
All friends forever!

Tally Baptism

A great day in Tallahassee for Elder Hildebrandt and Elder Duncan.

Mission Unity

Sister Lay and Sister Hawkins, working in sync.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Love Em

Another week of Interviews with missionaries we love! First stop Panama City . . . . .

Friday, January 16, 2015

That's What we Do

Elder Jorgensen and Elder Johnson use their teaching tools!


Elder Urquiaga and President Burton of the Tallahassee Stake. President Burton served with Elder Urquiaga's dad in the Peru Mission a long time ago! It is a small world!

A Visit From an Apostle

We had a wonderful Full Mission Conference this week with a visit from Elder Neil L. Andersen and his wife. What a wonderful opportunity for our Missionaries to be taught by an Apostle of the Lord, to receive an Apostolic blessing, and sing our Mission song as an entire Mission. We're all feeling very blessed!

Navarre Baptism

Beautiful baptism in Navarre for Sister Seegrist, Sister Cooper, and Sister Blake.

A Book for Phil

Well, Elder Mills completed his mission with a trip to deliver a Book of Mormon to the "Duck Dynasty" family. Anyone who knows Elder Mills, knows, he is the ultimate -HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, and a huge fan of Duck Dynasty. He prepared this Book of Mormon with special care and a special message, to present to Phil on his way home. We're hoping he'll take the time to read it . . .

The "Brewer"

Interviews are always a fun time for me! I learn about all the hidden talents our missionaries have. Elder Brewer does the "Brewer" for me, while his companion, Elder Hawker gives support. That's what a great trainer does!

Baptism Day

A wonderful baptism day in Daphne, Alabama thanks to the nurturing and love of Elder and Sister Bushman.

Destin Sunset

Beautiful sunset in Destin. Thank you Sister Bracey and Sister Barrick for this beautiful picture.

Tally Baptism

Baptism in Tally. Happy day for Elders Hildebrandt, Jackman, and Duncan.


Oh Hallelujah! Elder Simpson found his way!

Pascagoula Senior Couple

Our Senior Couples are such a blessing wherever they serve in the Mission. The Greens have been in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and have blessed the Branch members so much!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Farewell to Elder & Sister Mills

Some of our fabulous couples say good-bye to Elder and Sister Mills. They are on their way back home to Utah. We will miss them dearly! They have been faithful, and joyful in the work. Top row; Elder and Sister Lay, Elder and Sister Gray, Elder and Sister Dalley. Bottom row; Elder and Sister Mills, Elder and Sister Green, and Elder and Elder and Sister Bell.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Another Chilly Day

Another day of Interviews, and another day without heat in another of our church buildings. This time in Pensacola. Freezing! Literally -34 degrees! We bundled up the best we could while waiting.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chillin & It's Chilly!

We're experiencing an Arctic Blast in Florida today, and interviews in Crestview, Florida were extremely chilly! The building's aren't use to these temps! So the Elders bundled up in the blankets they found in the Relief Society Room.