Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mission Theme 2016

Thank you to Elder Brewer and Elder Thompson who worked REALLY hard to bring our Mission vision to us before the new year! They're the best!!

Merry Christmas to Us!

Merry Christmas to us, with a visit from our daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids!

Baptism Day in Tallahassee

Baptism day in Tallahassee for Sister Bushnell and Sister Lee.

Christmas Breakfast

Thanks Elder & Sister Wilde for feeding these great Missionaries Christmas breakfast.

Christmas Morning Missionary Fun

Elder Bushman

Christmas morning in Christmas gifts from home.

White Christmas

A beautiful white Christmas in Dothan, Alabama for Sister Takapu and Sister Hannig.

Elder Thomas & Elder Otu

Companionship unity in Pace, Florida for Christmas.

Christmas is Sharing

Our Crestview District caroling at the Rehabilitation Center over the holidays.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Where Are They Now?

Elder Palau, Elder Christensen, Elder Rios Lazo, and Elder MacLay attending Elder Lovells Temple sealing in Arizona. Congrats to Elder Lovell and Cynthia.

Elder Inbody & Elder Bradford

We were visited on Christmas morning by two wise men, bearing a box of donuts! Yum! Thanks Elders.

Baptism in Tallahassee

A baptism in Tallahassee for Elder Owens, Elder Jones, Elder Baldwin, and Elder Bovee.

Baptism in Crestview

Baptism in Crestview for Sister Haught and Sister McClellan.

Our Famous Destin Elders

And our Elders made the site for #ASaviorIsBorn.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Extreme Weather

We are having extreme weather in our Mission this morning. We have contacted all of our Missionaries and they have been instructed to stay in until we give them the all clear! Merry Christmas to us!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Monday Motivational

Christmas Conference #2

Our second 1/2 Mission Conference was held in Fort Walton for our Mobile, Pensacola, and Fort Walton Zones. More beautiful voices and musical gifts to share in our Christmas program, then a delicious lunch provided by the Fort Walton Stake Relief Society, and "Minute to Win it" games. Love our Missionaries!!
Victory won for the Mobile Zone, thanks to Elder Sellers! Champions!

Christmas Conference #1

We held our annual Christmas Conference in Tallahassee this week for our Tally 1, Tally 2, Panama City, and Dothan Zones. We had such a wonderful time sharing the spirit of Christmas as Missionaries shared their musical talents in our "Missionary Christmas" program.
Marvin Goldstein (world renowned pianist) accompanied Elder Bradford, along with Sister Lee in a musical number. He then sat with Elder Johnson as they played an impromptu hymn.
President felt a little "impromptu" as well while we were setting up for our 1/2 Mission picture! He decided we should sing! Then on to the games!
And Sister Lee and I doing the "Brewer". The laughter and faces of the Missionaries in the background tell it all!

Crawfordville Baptism

Baptism Day in Crawfordville!

Baptism in Crestview

Baptism in Crestview for Elder Pike, Elder Judd, Elder Fortin, and Elder Burch.

Mission Road

Sister Takapu working the day on Mission Road.

Christmas Elves

Our Christmas Elves, aka Elder Browning and Elder Christensen in Toxey, Alabama.



We are so very grateful for President and Sister Austen, and their goodness to our Missionaries.

Tally Spanish Elders

We loved having our Spanish Elders over for dinner, and they gave an awesome lesson!

Fort Walton Baptism

A baptism in Fort Walton for Sister Miller and Sister Robinson.

Pensacola Zone Picture

Returning Missionary

Yeah for returning Missionaries! We love Sister Elsmore! So fun to see her after eight months.

Baptism in Milton

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