Saturday, June 28, 2014

Missionary Work is FUN!

Buggin ME!

It's summertime in the South, and the bugs are biting! Poor Sister Missionaries!

Baptism in Pensacola

What a great day for these Sister missionaries!

Sharing the Love

Elder Doberneck and Elder Clayton, out serving, met this woman from another local church. She made this comment about these Elders on facebook, "These two Elders truly and humbly display what Christ commanded us to do in his word...they constantly challenge me each time I see them and make me strive to be better in all aspects of my life. Their love for God, people and sharing His word to a lost world is simply amazing!" Thank you Elders for your diligent service and good works.

Campin Fun

Our Sister missionaries helped out at the Panama City Stake Girls Camp.

Baptism for Sister Beukers and Sister Wilken

Baptism day for Denise! All of these little children attended the baptism to support there pre-school teacher, Denise!

Happy Day!

Baptism for Elder Hammond and Elder Reyes in Tallahassee.

Pray for the Spirit

Elder Reyes and Elder Hammond have their own personal prayer technique while sleeping in bunk beds!

Baptism Day

Baptism in Tally for Sister Holmoe and Sister Bertoldo. Great day!

Baptism Day in Tally

What a sweet baptism day for Ms. Jackie.


Spending our last night together before Elder Wilkey and Elder Hadden leave for home.
These are two of our finest missionaries! We will certainly miss them.

Seeing Stripes

Our Surprise visit to a Callaway District Meeting really surprised us - we saw stripes!!
And more Stripes!
A fun district, productive district meeting, and great instruction from Elder Stokes. And, who was that trouble maker that called in during the conference call?

Switching Places

During interviews in Pensacola, Elder Bochenek and Elder May switch suit coat's with President Smith -just to see how they fill it out.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Senior Missionary Conference

We had such a great time at our Senior Couple Conference! Dinner in Crestview, and then we spent the day at the Pensacola Naval Air Museum.
We are so grateful to our Senior Couples for their willingness to serve.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Missionary WORK is FUN!

FTM missionaries, send me you're best photo version of this great statement to my email, and we'll post them on the blog!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fort Walton Fun

Interviews in Fort Walton with these great Elders!

Love 'em, and they leave US

We love them, and they leave us! A sad farewell to Elder Libby, Elder Wilcox, and Sister Hamilton.

Baptism in Gulf Breeze

A return visit from Elder Sanders, just in time to baptize Noah.

Happy Day

A sweet baptism in Crestview for Sister Garten and Sister Elsmore.

Panama City Zone Sisters

Zone Fun and Flour Ball

These missionaries mean business!!

Investigator LOVE

Our Alabama Elders really getting to know an investigator.

Panama City Zone Elders

More fun at Zone Training meeting for Elders Winterton, Elder Grimaud, and Elder Atagi.

Possum Spotting

Possum spotting by our Tally 2 Elders; Elder Hawker, Elder Elmer, and Elder Butler. The ugliest creatures ever!!

Service in BREWTON

Always plenty of fun service opportunities for our missionaries. Sister Cooper and Sister Lloyd love serving at the Library and hanging out with one of the three little pigs!

Niceville District

Attended the Niceville District Meeting. Great teaching, great missionaries, great fun!!
And, delicious snickerdoodles made by Sister Christopherson and Sister McKensie.

A Return Visit to the Mission

Love to get together with our missionaries who have returned home and come back to visit with their parents! We love Elder Sanders, and President and Sister Aukema.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three Great Elders

Three of our great Zone Leaders.

Departing Missionaries

Farewell to our departing missionaries, Elder Nelson, Elder Libby, Sister Hamilton, and Elder Wilcox.

Preparation Day Tennis anyone?

Family History Discovery

While serving in Mobile, Alabama, Elder Walker prepared himself to teach others about the importance of Family History work. He made a great discovery of his own. His great-great-great grandfather is buried in the Mobile National Cemetery because, although originally from Prussia he came over to Wisconsin. And from there he ended up serving in the 2nd Wisconsin Infantry in the Civil War! He died of sickness before he ever saw a fight on August 10, 1865! What a discovery for Elder Walker to find that this relative is buried where he is now serving!

Fort Walton Unity

Our Fort Walton Zone Leaders really love each other! Companionship unity is SO important in the work!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Service with a SMILE

Our missionaries are always looking for opportunities to serve others. Sometimes it comes in the most peculiar ways.
Missionaries always seem to find ways to share their talents!
And, maybe finding some talents they did not know they had!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Enterprise Baptism

We attended a wonderful baptism in Enterprise, Alabama.

It's Raining, It's Pouring

FYI, Hurricane season begins this week! We are getting ready for whatever mother nature brings our way. And, Elder Hatori and Elder Browne are happy about it!

Baptism in Crestview

Another baptism in Crestview, Florida for Sister Elsmore and Sister Barrick.