Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Shepherd

Elder Jorgensen learning the ways of the Shepherd.

For The Beauty of the Earth

Sweet Baptism in Bristol

Such a sweet baptism in Bristol for this family of five. Love our faithful missionaries serving there; Sister Merrill, Sister Alder, Elder Nielsen and Elder Diederich.

Missionary Hygiene

A reminder to all Missionaries from our Grove Hill Elders -Good hygiene is important when you are out meeting people all day!!

Dothan Baptism

Beautiful Baptism Day in Dothan for Elder Jones and Elder Brewer.

Where Are They?

Sometimes there's a lot of area to cover, and few people to find!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tally Baptism

Baptism Day in Tallahassee for Sister Bevan, Sister Beal, and Sister Lee.

Niceville Baptism

Baptism day in Niceville for Sister Willes, Sister Stratton, and Sister Morris.

It's Great to be a Missionary

Elder MacLay and Elder Urquiaga just loving the scenery, the people, and the Mission!

Destin Baptism

Baptism day in Destin for Elder Urquiaga and Elder MacLay. Such a great day!

Marianna Missionaries

Supporting our Missionaries in Marianna on baptism day. Love them!

Marianna Baptism

A great baptism day in Marianna for Elder Taylor and Elder Peel. A wonderful family entered the waters of baptism, and we all learned much about the power of prayer from a good woman.

Ozark Baptism

Beautiful Baptism day in Ozark for Elder Hatori and Elder Moss.

Sisters Unite

Friday, February 13, 2015

Baptism Day on Campus

TCC Campus Missionaries (Sister Crandall and Sister Dillon) baptism day!

Spanish Ready

Our Pascagoula Spanish Elders (Elder Chapdelaine, Elder Young, Elder Blake, and Elder Rios-Lazo)looking sharp, confident, and ready to face the world another day!

Crawfordville Baptism

Beautiful baptism day in Crawfordville, Florida for Sister Samuelian and Sister Evans. And, then the Blooper picture before the baptism where Sister Samuelian had to catch the spider in the font first!

Feeling Loved

Happy Valentines to us! Thank you to the Activity Day girls in the Tallahassee 3rd Ward for thinking of us on Valentines Day!

Family History Finding in Crawfordville

Family History class in Crawfordville with our missionaries; Elder & Sister Gray, Sister Samuelian, and Sister Evans. This group included 19 non-members, 10 branch members, and the missionaries. Successful finding from our great missionaries!

Elder Thomas & Elder Jorgensen

Comp Inventory, Comp Unity, Feeling the Love in Pensacola.


Elder Johnson and Elder Jorgensen finding ways to teach and testify.

I Believe

We have a lot of Christian folk here in the South.

Ozark Love

This is what we call "members present with a purpose", as our members in Ozark, Alabama rally around investigators.

Tally 1 Zone "Last Stand"

Tally 1 Zone's "Last Stand" on the battlefield before transfers.

Baptism Day in Mobile

Baptism in Mobile. Elder Wright and Elder Riddle began the teaching process, and Elder Carlson and Elder Farnsworth brought him to the waters of baptism. Great day!

Elder Carlson

The gospel message found in scripture is a BIG deal!

Baptism Day in Grove Hill, Alabama

Baptism day in Grove Hill for these great Elders, Elder Clayton, Elder Spencer, and Elder Smith.

FSU Smarts

Elder Clayton feels smarter just standing on the Campus of Florida State University.

Baptism Day in Calloway

Baptism Day in Calloway for Sister Rowher and Sister Holmes.

Training Video

I used a motivational video for my training this week in Zone Conference on our Mission theme "United We Stand". Many of the missionaries have asked me for a copy. I will post it here on the blog, and parents can down load it if they want to for their missionary to use after he/she returns home. Basically, the message I shared was about being a team player on the Lords team. #Believeinyourself #Believeinyourteam #Believeinmiracles.

Tallahassee 1, 2 & Panama City Zone Conference

Lots of food, love, and stories shared during lunch.
Elder Christensen just making sure everything is ready for our group picture!
More fun training from President on working together as companionships.

Fort Walton & Dothan Zone Conference

Here we are singing our Mission song for the Relief Society who prepared such a delicious lunch for all of us! And training from President always includes a few surprises. In teaching us about choosing our members present at lessons, with a purpose he called on Elder Urquiaga and Sister Mathison to switch shoes! Perfect example of how we can't pick just any member to fit our investigators needs.
Towards the end of our training, we received a visit from the local police. One of our Zone Leaders, Elder Crook, had accidently been dialing 911 during our training. The Police arrived to make sure every one was okay. Of course President told the Police officer that we are always having problems with Elder CROOK (must be the name!)

Pensacola & Mobile Zone Conference

Our first Zone Conference of the week with our Pensacola and Mobile Zones. It's always wonderful to see them, and feel of their beautiful spirits. They love to reunite for Conference too. It gives them a spiritual boost!