Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bonifay Baptism

Baptism in Bonifay, Florida for Elder Olson and Elder Woodland.

Sweet Baptism in Ozark, Alabama

Elders Crook and Urquiaga.

Pensacola Branch

It was fun to visit and speak in the Pensacola Military Branch on Sunday. Loved seeing our Perdido Sisters, Sister Ford and Sister Samuelian.

Baptism Day

Baptism in Thomasville, Georgia.

Great Missionaries

Some of our great missionaries from Ozark and Troy Alabama.

Baptism in Dothan

Baptism in Dothan for Elder Beahan and Elder Balling.

Toxey Time

Spending time serving in Toxey, Alabama.

Family History Finding

Family History Finding in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

Baptism in Chipley

Baptism Day in Chipley, Florida for Sister Lee and Sister Brinkerhoff.

Working Together in Pensacola

Zone training in Pensacola, and then a little down-time training in working together.

Bainbridge Baptism

A wonderful day in Bainbridge, Georgia for Elder Kent and Elder Lott.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


As a Mission, we pray for FSU as a whole. We pray for physical and emotional healing of students, families, and faculty. We pray for our Missionaries that they might be able to share a powerful message of hope and healing with those they meet every day on campus, because we know that healing only takes place through the Atonement and message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Santa's Helper

Tatiana helping me get ready for 1/2 Mission Christmas Conference.

Love 'em

Zone Leader Unity.

Send Off

A send off today for Elder Sederholm and Elder Bochenek. We wish them well, and know that they have much to continue to do in serving the Lord when they arrive home.

Ready to Harvest

Our Missionaries, Elder Hawker and Elder Brewer in Dothan, Alabama are ready and willing.

Our Friends, Brother & Sister Curtis

We loved spending time with Brother and Sister Curtis at the Mission Presidents Seminar. Brother Curtis parents served as Mission President and wife in our Mission many years ago. Brother Curtis serves as the Executive Secretary to Elder Soares.

Geneva Sisters

Sister Turina and Sister Dillon standing tall as representatives of Jesus Christ.

Crawfordville Baptism

Baptism in Crawfordville for our wonderful missionaries serving there.

Ozark Baptism

Baptism in Ozark, Alabama for Elder Kimball and Elder Inbody.

The Possibilities

We are surrounded by an abundance of Christmas trees.

Perdido Baptism

Baptism in Perdido for our Sister Trainer Leaders, Sister Samuelian and Sister Ford.

Feeling Loved!

Sometimes while tracting, we feel SO loved!

Baptism in Bonifay, Florida

Baptism in Bonifay, Florida for Elder Olson, Elder Woodland, Elder Christensen, and Elder Stanley.

Fort Walton Baptism Day

Two great baptisms in Fort Walton for Elder Davidson and Elder McMickell.

Fort Walton Baptism

Baptism in Fort Walton for Sister Whetten and Sister Obray!

Monday, November 17, 2014


Mission President Seminar this past week, and a visit to the Atlanta Temple. Wonderful! And to top it off, we reunited with President and Sister Wakolo from Fiji. President Wakolo was an Area Seventy in the Marshall Islands while we served there. We love them, and appreciate their example of true discipleship. They are now serving as Mission President in the Arkansas Mission in the Southeast Area.

Missionaries in the News

Aaaahhh.....beautiful rural Alabama

Beautiful Baptism

A beautiful baptism in Tallahassee for Sister Udy and Sister Crandall.

District Unity

District Unity in Marianna and Bainbridge.

Spanish Elders Rock

Our Spanish Elders, we love so much!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Whole Armor of God

Our Monroeville Elders putting on the Whole Armor of God!

Baptism Day

A baptism for our Spanish Elders.

Family History Finding

Family History Booth in Fort Walton. You never know who you'll meet there!

Gater Sighting!

Sometimes they get up close and personal.

The Love of an Investigator for their Missionary

These are the sweetest photos and a representation of the love an investigator has for their missionary. Sister Anderson surprised these baptismal candidates on their special day. The pictures tell the story!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dodge Ball!

Just a little friendly dodge ball competition between Districts.

No Sole

When you come to the end of your mission, this is what your service shoes look like if you've been busily engaged! Good job Elder DeGroff.

Send Off

Sent off our Visa Waiters to Mozambique. We will miss you Elders Rispress, Stanley, and Openshaw. You blessed our Mission in just a few short weeks.

Sunday, November 9, 2014