Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welcoming 33 New Missionaries!

Yes, it's time again to welcome 33 new missionaries into the Mission. We are so excited to share in this mission experience with them, and know they will love the South and the beautiful people here.
No luggage left behind, the plane was early, so off we go to the Church for a real southern meal and some training. Then off to bed, early to rise, and TRANSPORT time!
With the incredibly hard work from ASSISTANTS, Zone Leaders, and Elder and Sister Mills, the caravan of truck, 15-passenger vans, trailers, and cars filled with bikes and dozens of pieces of luggage and missionaries is off to drop off and deliver everyone to their assigned areas. Transfer day brings a renewed excitement and enthusiasm around the mission, because we all love receiving new missionaries!

District Meeting Pumpkin Carving

After training, missionaries gathered together to carve creative works of pumpkin art! Even our five new VISA waiters who arrived just a couple of hours earlier joined in the fun.
And cute Sister Dawe, and Sister Richardson made homemade pumpkin cookies for everyone!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

So Happy!

Marvin Goldstein is a member of the church living in Tallahassee. What a wonderful man. He is a world renowned pianist, and such a gifted musician. He invited us to his concert at the TCCU Fine Arts Center. Front row seats for all of the missionaries and their investigators in the Tallahassee area. We loved it!
Here are some of the missionaries waiting for the concert to begin.
Elder Davis and Elder McPherson looking very missionary dapper for the concert.

Good Bye Visa Waiters

Good Bye Elders Maybee, Meier, and Gardner. You're Visa's finally came and your off to your assigned missions. Lunch at Genghis Grill on the way to the airport.

Sisters Serving

Mormon Sisters helping at the GOOD NEWS OUTREACH. Sisters serving Sisters and Brothers. Thanks so much Sister Comaniuk,and Sister Harris for your wonderful service.

Our Bonifay Elders

A baptism in Bonifay with Elder Atagi, and Elder Fredrickson. And of course they worked the Family History Booth at the town Rodeo and parade.
Every day's a good day in Bonifay!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Baptism in Fox Run

Elder Nelson and Elder Welch and their baptism in Fox Run.

Sister Smith & Sister Cottam share their Talents

Traveling, Traveling, Traveling

Traveling to plan and teach with our missionaries is a favorite part of the month. Our stop in Sandestin with Sister Curtis and Sister Dyches.
And then to Fort Walton to meet with missionaries, Elders Brewington, Hawker, DeGroff, and Malmborg. While waiting for interviews, Elder Brewington drew the Plan of Salvation on the blackboard.
Dinner with Elder and Sister Hansen to try some fried green dill pickles and green tomatoes.
We load up and head to the Fort Walton Fair to see the Family History booth. Working the booth -Elders Schwartz, Maclay, Bravo, and Anderson.
And then off to DeFuniak Springs for interviews and a baptism. Elder Easdon and Elder Amua get excited about the after Baptism treat, and Sisters Cooper and Bennion get excited about their baptismal candidate.
And our final stop today is in Jay, with our Jay and Brewton missionaries. Sister Berntson, Sister Cottam, Elder Smellie, and Elder Sederholm.
Elder Gardner, President, and Elder Newby
Sister Brinkerhoff, Sister Smith, Sister Smith, Elder Gardner, and Elder Newby.
And along the way we pass dozens of beautiful cotton fields . . . . .

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Florida Tallahassee Mission Song

Another Great Day

President interviewed missionaries in Panama City today, and then we traveled to beautiful Mexico City Beach to visit with three of our Elders. Elder Weir, Elder Jackman, and Elder Clifford are serving in a beautiful area just east of Tyndall Air Force Base. Today the weather was sunny, 85 degrees, and perfect!
And then we traveled back to Panama City for interviews, and a little dinner with our Sister Trainer Leaders, Sister Stanfield and Sister Treiber.