Friday, January 31, 2014

Mission Leadership Council

We have such wonderful missionary leaders, who truly teach through their Christ-like example. We love them, and are so grateful for their diligent service, incredible work ethic, and love for the Lord. We're looking forward to sharing with them in wonderful experiences this coming year, as we do the work that is so important to all of us -sharing the message of the gospel.
This is the last Mission Leadership Council for Assistant, Elder Wright. He will be leaving for home the end of February. We will miss him so much, and are grateful he stayed with us for an extra 30 days! Here he is, surrounded by eternal missionary friends and companions.
We love our Sisters! They are truly a blessing to our mission. These are some of my girls.
Welcome to MLC Sister Strickland.

Cute New Companions

Sister Wells & Sister Bevan, serving in Crestview Florida.
This ones for you Sister Bevan's mom!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Sweet Baptisms

A baptism in Calloway, Florida for Sister Barton and Sister Stanfield.
And a baptism in Fort Walton, Florida for Elder Sorrel and Elder DeGroff.
A sweet family baptism in Thomasville, Georgia for Sister Swanger, Sister Jicha, and Sister Chambers who was transferred just days before the baptism.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weather Watch

Our entire mission area is FROZEN - literally! The main highway 1-10, running from Tallahassee to Mobile, Alabama is closed indefinitely. Schools, government offices, restaurants, pretty much everything is closed. Power is out throughout a good part of our mission area, but none of our missionaries are affected. They are all safe, and staying in their apartments until the ice melts. What a crazy weather event!

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Storm is Brewing. . . . . .

There is a major storm warning for our entire mission area. This storm includes freezing rain and snow. We've been told there hasn't been a snow storm here for nearly twenty years! All of our missionaries have been notified, and we are taking every precaution necessary to keep them off the roads and safe. President and I are currently in Fort Walton (center point of the mission), and will monitor the weather from here throughout the week. Schools have already been closed for the next two days. We've seen the weather changing this afternoon. This beautiful white sand should soon be covered with beautiful white snow!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

We Love our Missionaries!

As missionaries share their testimonies and love for the gospel of Jesus Christ, we hope you too will share with others. Share this link with family and friends, and help spread the good news of the gospel.

The Sweetest Baptism

We attended the sweetest baptism on Sunday for Brother Ayurs. We are so proud of our Sister Missionaries in Tallahassee, Sister Whetten, Sister King, and Sister Krebs.

Missionary Field Day in Madison, Florida

Missionary field day in Madison, Florida with our missionaries.

Always Hard to Say Goodbye

These great missionaries flew out this morning, looking forward to a wonderful reunion with their families after two years of dedicated service. Elder Kirk, Elder Weir, Elder Lane, Elder Gordon, and Elder Judy. Elder Wright will fly out at the end of February (we're so happy we get to keep him a little longer!).
Elder Judy is probably the only missionary to leave this mission 15 pounds lighter!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More New Missionaries!!

Yesterday we received fifteen new missionaries. There is always added excitement in the mission field with newly arriving missionaries. When we picked them up last night it was a fairly warm 60 degrees. This morning at transfers it was a miserable 30 degrees. Not a very good Florida weather welcome. It took us all a little off guard.
All loaded up to head to the Mission home for dinner and training. Hopefully they can keep their eyes open, after having been up since 2:30 a.m.
It's always fun to see how many of these missionaries know other missionaries in the mission when they arrive. This is our new Elder, Elder Smith with Elder Musgrave. They lived next door fifteen years ago and haven't seen each other since.
This is our new Sister, Sister Stephenson with Sister Wells. They are in the same stake back home in Idaho.
Only two new sisters in this group. But those two sisters bring our sister total to 100!
Elder Johnson received instruction on properly attaching his new bike to his car.
You can't tell, because the sun is shining through the tree's, but it is bitter cold with the wind and humidity!
At least they are getting into warm cars, instead of jumping on their new bikes to head out to their areas!

Good bye to our cute Elder Acton

Elder Acton finally received his VISA to Brazil. He has been in the mission field almost ten months. He said it felt like leaving home again. We will miss him and his fun, energetic personality.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Teaching and Testifying

It's been a fun week for us to go out teaching with the missionaries. We don't have pictures of all the missionaries we went with. Most nights were rainy and cold! But, this is Elder Sanders and Elder Carlile getting ready to go out teaching with President. I'm ready to go with Sister DeVries and Sister Redd, two of our Sister Trainer Leaders in Dothan, Alabama.
Visiting in Crestview, I went out with Sister Shattuck and Sister Leifson, two of our Sister Trainer Leaders. We also went out with Elders Foster and Evans (Crestview, Florida), Elder Call and Elder Truman, and Sister Barnes and Sister Crandall in Panama City. We love it! Awesome missionaries!

New Senior Couples in the Mission

Welcome to Elder and Sister Wright, serving in Pensacola on the Naval Base.
And, Elder and Sister Anderson, serving in Pascagoula, Mississippi. We are so very grateful for our Senior Couples. Every mission needs LOTS of them!

Baptism in Panama City

A sweet baptism for these sweet Sister missionaries, Sister Samuelin and Sister Holmoe.

Baptism in Mobile, ALABAMA

Hard working, and diligent Elders Clayton and Welch enjoy a baptism day in Mobile, Alabama.

Birthday Celebration Toxey, ALABAMA style!

Elder Lim celebrates with Elder Carlson and Branch members in Toxey, Alabama for his birthday. Surprise!

A Baptism in Crestview

A joyous day for our Zone Leaders, Elder Foster and Elder Evans.

Baptism in Monroeville

What a great way to start off your mission Elder Browne, with a baptism. Great Elders, Elder Browne and Elder Parsons.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mission Leadership Council

We always look forward to our Mission Leadership council training each month with our Assistants, Zone Leaders, and Sister Trainer Leaders. This month, the beginning of a new year, we introduced our mission theme, and goals for the year as a mission. It is an opportunity to learn from each other, and to get excited for the possibilities!!
We are loving the contribution of our Sister Trainer Leaders in the mission.
As we move forward this coming year, with an increase in missionaries and enthusiasm for the hastening of the work, we will focus on becoming >"missionaries of uncommon valor". We will all strive to be valiant, courageous, bold, and virtuous in doing the Lords work!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Troy Elders on TV

You have to check out at least a little bit of this interview our Troy Elders, Elder Crook and Elder Blair had on a TV show in Troy, Alabama. We were so proud of them for taking the opportunity to answer questions about our religion, and to share our beliefs with viewers.

More Famous Elders

Elder Miller and Elder Stroupe share Family History knowledge with non-members in Quincy, Florida, and make the newspaper.

A Reminder For Always

Elder Clifford shared a poem he'd written for our Christmas Zone Conference program. We wanted to share it as a reminder not only of our focus at Christmas, but as our focus every day as His disciples.

Sharing the Gospel one Newspaper at a Time

Sister Krebs and Sister Christopherson are pretty excited about the missionary efforts in Chipley, Florida, especially when they get a little news coverage.
Sharing the good news of the gospel is a joy beyond measure, and a great way to finish up 2013.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Baptism in Hosford

Elder Rhea and Elder Fonnesbeck baptized this wonderful young man, who celebrated afterwards with a Stripling Warriors cake. Awesome!

A Baptism in Sandestin for our Sister Missionaries

Very proud of these three; Sister Dyches, Sister Rick, and Sister Grady.

Departing Elders

Today we said goodbye to Elder Nelson, Elder Easdon, Elder Critton, Elder Datillo, and Elder Helmondollar.
Ready to board the plane, a random guy stepped into the picture.
Perfect opportunity to share a Book of Mormon. The missionaries found out that he has been meeting with the missionaries for several weeks in an area just outside our mission.