Monday, November 25, 2013

Preparing for the Holidays

Gotta love the snow in Florida! These Fort Walton Sisters, Sister Anderson, Sister Medlyn, Sister Ford, and Sister McKensie are preparing for the holiday season on preparation day. Love these Sisters!

Baptism in Enterprise

Hosford Elders teaching Family History

About the experience, Elder Rhea wrote this; FAMILY HISTORY WORK IN HOSFORD (By Elder Rhea) (1)And it came to pass that we did have a reporter at our class on November 7th, 2013, and he did ask a few questions concerning our class, and the work of which we were doing. (2)And behold, I did speak to him for the space of twenty minutes and did expound on all the website, and also on the class and picture. (3)But behold, he did not harken to all of my words (mistakes underlined) and did make four mistakes, which are –edler (instead of Elder), extra 0 on 4,500, and did not say the “Hosford ward Young Women”. Also the two older ladies refused to have a picture taken, but he still did it. (4)And thus say I unto you, this is your copy, to post on thy blog, and to keep in thine scrapbook. (5)And we did meet in ward council, and a member, Glenn Moore, did tell unto us of his experience – “I was talking to a non-member who has attended this class, she told me it was awesome, and sung praises on our Elders. Then she invited ME to the class, and said I’d be blessed for going”. (6)And behold, all who came, yea, members or not, made progress on their lines. And behold, we have never had more members than non-members present., they do always outweigh the scales! (7)Behold I say unto you, I know that this push on Family History is of God, and I know that he has commanded you by the power of his spirit, to advance the work in this the Florida Tallahassee Mission. (8)I know this is the true Gospel of Christ, and behold, I have his priesthood! And by Faith in Christ, nothing doubting, I can work mighty miracles in his name. (9)And, now, I would speak a few words of gratitude. Behold, thou hast been kind, loving, and supportive, and I appreciate all you do. Also, I would that ye should know, that I will do all that the Lord commandeth, through you, his servant. And I will do so gladly. (10)Behold, we love thee, and pray daily for thee, and we go daily and teach in plainness and great power, may thee and thy wife be blessed during this holiday season, even so, Amen.

Feed My Sheep

Our Mobile North Zone Leaders, Elder Butterfield and Elder Hadden take their responsibility to "Feed His Sheep" literally! On their preparation day they made wheat bread and I became the recipient of their goodness! It was delish. There are many of Heavenly Fathers children who have been spiritually fed and blessed from the teachings and testimony of these two great Elders.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Family History Booth in Cairo, Georgia

Baptism in Fox Run for Elder Nelson

Baptism in Bristol for Sister King and Sister Maeser

Teaching Time

I had the opportunity to go out teaching with these two incredible Sister Missionaries! Awesome job Sister Comaniuk and Sister Harris.

Our Senior Couples Conference

Thursday and Friday we held a Senior Couples Conference. We have thirteen couples in this mission, and they each contribute in their own unique way. We could not serve in this capacity without them and their love and support. It was great to be able to share time together, getting to know each other, and sharing in the culture and beauty of the mission we serve in.
We visited Mission San Luis to learn a little bit about the Spanish and Apalachee Indians, the earliest settlers in Tallahassee, Florida.
We then enjoyed dinner at the mission home. President and Elder Bell prepare to carve the meat.
Breakfast the next morning at "Canopy Road Café"
And to top it all off, a boat ride down the river at Wakulla Springs to see the beautiful birds, turtles, manatee's, and alligators.
Thank you Senior Couples for your goodness and willingness to serve! We love you! Elder and Sister Mills- Office, Elder and Sister Bell - Office, Elder and Sister Anderson - office, Elder and Sister Baker -Institute, Elder and Sister Griffen -Geneva, Elder and Sister Habel - DeFuniak Springs, Elder and Sister Jenkins - Jay, Brewton, Elder and Sister Bailey -Crestview, Elder and Sister Steed - Crestview, Elder and Sister Hansen - Fort Walton Beach, Elder and Sister Smyth - Panama City Beach, Elder and Sister Wright- Pensacola, Elder and Sister Anderson - Pascagoula, MS.

Special Training for our Mission Leaders

We had a wonderful training with the missionary leaders in our Mission this past week. All Zone leaders, Sister Trainer Leaders, and Assistants met Tuesday night at the Mission home for a barbecue, and team unity games. After the games we met at the fire pit by the Mission home for a fire, smores, and testimonies. It was a great night, and strengthened our love for one another and the mission.
Missionaries began the night divided into teams. Using only the items provided in buckets, missionaries planned and built a boat. The boat had to hold at least two of the team members. Such creative missionaries!
We then used a parachute, and working as Mission leaders found ways to LIFT our zones to new heights!
Silly Sisters Hamilton and Milne steal my camera -
Wednesday morning scripture study.....
Missionaries love spending time together . . . .
At Mission Leadership Training on Wednesday, our Assistants teach leaders how to move from Family History into a Church tour, and teaching the doctrine of Christ.
It was a great night, and great day. We absolutely love the missionaries in this mission!

Baptism in Dothan

A Baptism in Dothan for Gloria and her daughter Zoya. We are so happy for them, and for the missionaries who taught her, Elders Smith and Hintze, and Sisters Thompson and DeVries. It was a beautiful baptismal service.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Looking down on the beautiful Apalachicola River

Leaving Tallahassee, heading West we pass over the bridge of Apalachicola River where the time zone changes from Eastern to Central.

A Baptism in Lucedale for Elder Buhler and Elder Olgivie

Preparation Day Fun

Elder Davidson, Simmons, Hintze, and Smith prepare for fun on preparation day in Dothan.

The Fields are White, all ready to HARVEST!

Elder Simmons and Elder Davidson are ready to harvest in Dothan, Alabama.

Some of our Mobile Elders

Elder Balling, Elder Parsons, Elder Collett, President Smith, Elder Garn, Elder Milne, and Elder Taylor.

Pensacola Sisters

Sister Montague, Sister Bates, Sister Beukers, Sister Chandler, Sister Bertoldo, and Sister Schmidt.

Visiting our Bristol / Blountstown Missionaries

Visiting with our Bristol/ Blountstown missionaries we learned they've spent preparation days learning how to bottle Tupelo honey, dressing up for family history, and playing with the members pet pigs. Such fun!

Departing Missionaries

Good bye to some of our favorite missionaries! So hard to say good bye. Sister Hirst served as the Sister Trainer Leader when we first arrived. She was dynamite in her leadership. Elder Buchanon saved us in the office!