Sunday, August 30, 2015

Eat More Chicken! Read More Book of Mormon!

Where's your sign Elder Peck?

DeFuniak Springs

What a fantastic day in DeFuniak Springs. Five new wonderful members of the Church were baptized. A blessed day for the Elders; Elder Bovee, Elder Anderson, Elder Decker, Elder Ashcroft, Elder Grimaud, and Elder West.
And to top it all off, Elder Miller and his parents returned for the Baptism. It was great to see him again!

Tally Campus Baptism

A beautiful Baptism day in Tallahassee for Sister Rindlesbacher and Sister Perrett. Congratulations Arianne.

The Power of the Word Will Keep us on Track

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Storm Erika

We are closely watching the storm that is approaching the Panhandle, specifically Tallahassee. Our Missionaries have been notified, and we have an Emergency plan in place if needed. We will post information, as necessary, if the storm hits for parents of our Missionaries.

Meet Sister Hill

We received a visit from the Newlyweds last night, and enjoyed visiting with them over dinner #cutecouple

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Elder Peck & Elder Bradford

We enjoyed Dinner, and a teaching appointment at the Mission home with these two fine Zone Leaders, Elder Peck and Elder Bradford. Looking forward to their Baptism in a couple of weeks.

Companion Love

We had a great time meeting up with these two returned missionaries! Companions, and touring the Mission together! Love you Sister Medlyn and Sister Rodriguez.

Monday Motivational

Just Bein Me

Some of our other fab shots from Mission Conference.

Mission Leadership Council

Our Mission Leadership gathered together after the Conference to discuss the things we learned, and how we might implement those things into our missionary efforts. Some of our observations: *Forget ourselves and FOCUS on others! "It's not about me" -Elder Milne *Be Yourself. Find your own strengths, and develop them. Don't be someone you're not. -Elder Rogers *What Motivates your Missionary work? -Elder Browning *We are a team. We are all on the Lords team. -Elder Jorgensen *Use your own talents and abilities to strengthen the Mission. -Elder Howard *Life is a prayer. Are our actions in line with the Lords will? -Elder Jones *Remove the unnecessary things from our Load that weigh us down. -Sister Holmes *Commitment to be more committed to our discipleship. -Sister Wood *Spiritual power comes from continued personal conversion. -Sister Christiansen *As a leader in the Church, there is no "they". - Elder Peterson *It's important to look at the BIG picture, in God's scheme of things. -Sister Nichols *Focus on the Individual. Don't make an activity more important than a person. -Elder McLaws

Visiting General Authorities

Our second Mission Conference was held in Tallahassee for our Tallahassee, Panama City, and Dothan Zones. Another great Conference. Feeling blessed!

Visiting General Authorities

We held our first Mission Conference in Fort Walton for our Fort Walton, Pensacola, and Mobile Zones. We were spiritually uplifted and blessed by the teaching, testimony, and training from Elder and Sister Brent H. Nielson, and Elder and Sister Vern P. Stanfill. We feel very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to learn and be inspired.

Apartment Check!!

These lucky missionaries had apartment checks by Elder and Sister Nielson, and Elder and Sister Stanfill. We couldn't be prouder of the way there apartments looked. Thanks missionaries for your awesomeness!

These Shoes are Made for Walking . . . . .

Baptism in Crawfordville

Baptism in Crawfordville for Sister Smoot and Sister Lawrence.

FSU Strong!

FSU Strong - Elders Thomas & Elder Abbott.

This District's on FIRE!

Our Campus District is on Fire! Great job teaching, testifying, and it's good to enjoy some success during a District Activity.

Elder Peterson & Elder Doberneck

We take every teaching opportunity! Even in the Primary. Elder Peterson and Elder Doberneck are great teachers.

Baptism in Tallahassee

Baptism in Tallahassee for Elder Thomas and Elder Abbott.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


I feel like I'm always holding my phone . . . .but obviously I'm not!

Elder & Sister Bushman

Elder and Sister Bushman will be leaving at the end of August. We will miss them so much! Thank you for your wonderful service!!


Elder Stewart and Elder Kent in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Mission Leadership Council in Crestview. Love these Missionaries!!
And then dinner with these fine Zone Leaders in Fort Walton.

Interviews in Crestview

Spending time with my Sisters while they wait for Interviews. Yeah, it's Sister Willes birthday today! And Elder Baldwin and Elder Galloway got a shoe shine from President during their Interviews.