Friday, August 29, 2014

FTM Mission Tour

This week has been spiritually uplifting, strengthening, and a blessing to our Mission. We have had the opportunity of having Elder and Sister Zwick tour our Mission. What wonderful people they are! We have all learned so much, and feel grateful to associate with such wonderful people who work so diligently in the hastening of the work.
It began with a visit to the Mission office, and interviews with some of our great missionaries serving in Tallahassee. We then visited a Missionary apartment for Sister Slivers and Sister Fisher. We give them an A++. Area book, A++.
We then traveled to Fort Walton Beach for a Mission Leadership Council, Dinner with Stake Presidents and their wives, and Member Missionary Devotional.
We then held two 1/2 Mission conferences with all of our missionaries. The first Conference was held in Fort Walton for our Mobile North, Mobile South, Pensacola, and Fort Walton Zones.
We then traveled to Tallahassee for our second 1/2 Mission Conference with Tally 1 and 2 Zones, Panama City Zone, and Dothan Zone.
We were so impressed with the beautiful decorations Sister Fisher and Sister Slivers prepared for the luncheon.
Sometimes as Sisters, we just dress alike!
The missionaries love to be reunited!

Catfish Lunch

Time for fried catfish in Geneva, Alabama. Sister Dillon's a willing participant!

Alabama Fun

Andalusia, Opp, and Troy having a little District Fun.

Baptism in Troy

Baptism in Troy for Elder Frost and Elder Crook.

Calloway Baptism

A great day for Sister Crandall and Sister Campbell in Calloway.

Mobile South Zone

Mobile South Zone excited about serving

Baptism Day in Enterprise

Baptism Day in Enterprise, Alabama for Elder Fortin and Elder Sorensen.

Baptism Day

Another great baptism in Crawfordville.

Happy Baptism Day

Happy Baptism Day in Crawfordville, Florida.

Team Work

Having some District fun in Pensacola.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Missionary FUN!

Having Missionary Fun in Pensacola with Sister Jamison and Sister Nelson.

Missionary Fun in Lucedale, Mississippi

Missionary Fun for Elder McClaws and Elder Bott in Lucedale, Mississippi.

The Beauty of Mother Nature

There are some terrific electrical storms in Tallahassee!!

Family History Finding

Finding with Family History in Chipley and Green Head.

Miracle Baptism in Geneva

Departing Missionaries

We'll Miss You! Elder Buhler, Elder Heywood, Elder Lovell, Sister Barnes, Sister Alcarez, Sister Stailey, and Sister Johnson.

Meet Our New Missionaries

New Missionaries arrived this week! It's always fun to take them outside the Airport and hear their response to the heat and humidity!
Dinner and getting to know you time at the Mission Home.
It's a beautiful morning for training our new missionaries.
After dinner, they're paired up with some of our seasoned missionaries for a "real life" experience before heading to their areas the next day.
Our Assistants, Elder Welch and Elder McPherson checking to make sure that everybody is here, loaded up, and ready to go!!
Let the MISSIONARY FUN begin!