Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Missionaries in Tallahassee

Meet the first missionaries to serve in Tallahassee. We're grateful for our Mission pioneers.

Just part of the MTC Experience

So excited to get to Tallahassee, Elder Doberneck's jumping for joy at the MTC.

Feeling Buggy

You've gotta love the size of Florida bugs!

Tally Zone Activity

Pace, Florida

Having some Family History Fun in Pace, Florida. Elders Beahan, Elder Taylor, Sister West, and Sister Bevan.

Foley Spanish

Our Foley Spanish Elders having some FUN at District Meeting.

Baptism in Bonifay

A great baptism day in Bonifay for Elder Woodland and Elder Secretan.

A Companionship that Prays Together, Stays Together

Utilizing the bunk beds for a threesome companionship prayer in Madison.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Departing Missionaries

One last conversation with President before leaving for home.
Farewell to our departing missionaries; Elder Simmons, Elder Shoemaker, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Barlow, and Elder Musgrave.

Obedience is key to the Work!

Thanks Sister Cooper. Obedience is key!

Colorful District Meeting

Tie Dye Fun in Navarre.

Living Down South

Troy Elders loving the Southern culture!

Sharing Gospel Love

While in Destin, we met up with the ladies from the Breath of Life Christian Center in Memphis, Tennessee (Christine, Minister Lynch, Deanna, Virginia, Alice, Linda, Pat, and Clem.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Missionary FUN

Elder Wright and Elder Truman having some Missionary FUN!

Missionary Fun

Elder Doberneck and Elder Clayton having some Missionary FUN!

Worked Hard till the end

Saying good bye to one of our very favorite missionaries tomorrow. Elder Musgrave has been a friend and example to every missionary in this mission. We'll all miss him!

Baptism in Bonifay

Missionary Fun in Chipley

Mississippi Gator Fun

District fun in Mississippi at the Gator Farm.

Creative Teaching in Dothan

Sister Stephenson and Sister Berntson teach about the Word of Wisdom with some homemade sweet lemonade to replace sweet tea.

Baptism in Niceville

Baptism in Niceville for Sister Christopherson and Sister McKensie.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Baptism in Navarre

Baptism in Navarre for Elder Riddle and Elder Fredricksen.

Missionary Work is Challenging!

Our missionaries face lots of rejection every day. It can be discouraging. But they continue to find ways to share their message.

Happy Day in Calloway

A happy day in Calloway for Sister Crandall and Sister Barton.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fort Walton Baptism

Special day for Elder Rios-Lazo, and Elder Pizzaro. Great Elders!!
District Elders want to look sharp for the Baptism today.

Catch the Wave

Catching the wave of Family History in Mexico City Beach, with the help of Elder Smith and Elder Kapp.

Sweet Celebration

A sweet day of celebration for Sister Nichols and Sister Fuja.

Great Month for Baptism's

It's been a great month for baptism's. We are so grateful for our missionaries who are working hard, and smart, and bringing Heavenly Father's children into the waters of baptism. This was a particularly sweet day for Sister Christopherson and Sister McKensie.

Baptism Day

Happy Baptism day in Brewton, Alabama for Sister Lloyd and Sister Cooper.

Ready to Work

The Pensacola Zone Leader Clean up crew!

Baptism in Lynn Haven

Happy day for Sister Harris, Sister Stailey, and Sister Peterson.

Toxey, Alabama Elders

Baptism Day in Foley, Alabama

A wonderful day of celebration for Elder Christensen and Elder Lopez.

More Family History Success

Success at the Family History booth during the "Blueberry Bash" celebration in Milton, Florida for Elder Whitney, Elder Burnett, Sister Dyches, and Sister Strickland.

Mini Missionary Experience in Bonifay

Elders Woodland, Secretan, Smith, and Winterton teach future missionaries how to teach and preach the gospel during a youth mini missionary experience.

The Three Amigos

Welcome Elder Welch, as our new Assistant to the President.

Happy Baptism Day in Eufuala

--Elder Neil L. Andersen

Sad Day For Us!

It was so hard to say good-bye to all these wonderful missionaries! They are the cream of the crop! They have BIG shoes to fill. We love you and miss you already.
Sister LOVE!
One last picture before they head through security.
And to top off their Mission experience, they found Elder and Sister Holland in the Atlanta airport. It couldn't happen to a nicer group of missionaries!

Welcome to Our Newest Missionaries

There is such excitement in the Mission at Transfer time, mostly because of the new arrival of missionaries. This is the largest group we've had in six months. Welcome to our thirteen new Elders, and seven Sisters!
Tallahassee has a very small airport, and when the missionaries arrive -everybody is aware of it!
Preparing to leave for their new areas.
And their off to work!