Sunday, March 30, 2014

FSU Campus Sisters

Our FSU Campus Sisters, Sister Palmer, Sister Mathison, and Sister Medlyn enjoy a Southern treat of deep fried oreos and reeses peanut butter cups.
Standing under the shade of the Spanish moss tree's that are found all through the South.

General Relief Society Broadcast

Went teaching with Sister Samuelin and Sister Peterson, and then we attended the General Relief Society Broadcast with Sister missionaries from the Callaway Ward. Sister Barton, Sister Stanfield, Sister Peterson, Sister Samuelin, Sister Smith, Sister Bates, Sister Gossling, and Sister Charles.

Eufala, Alabama

We drove to Eufala to plan and study with these two great Elders, Elder Libby and Elder McMickell.
I think they live in the most unique apartment in the mission. It is on the second floor of a warehouse.

Great Missionaries

I had the opportunity to go out teaching with these two darling Sister missionaries, Sister Brigham and Sister Stephanson. We made our first visit to Tyler, who is turning 13. He is a recent convert. He opened his birthday present while we were there. He was so excited to receive his own personalized scriptures!

Getting Ready

We're working hard to prepare all of our missionaries for any kind of natural disaster, as we pack up Emergency back packs. And, of course we're having a great time working hard.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Getting Drenched

With all of the heavy rainstorms here in Florida, a person can get drenched in just a few seconds. Elder Smyth, serving with his wife in Lynn Haven came up with a new way to protect himself during the most recent downpour!

Preparation Day Fun

Prep days can be fun! These Elders have been planning this day for a long time! Eating the enormous pounder at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Dothan, Alabama, puts them on the wall of fame. Of course Elder Hintze, Elder Smith, Elder Sanders, Elder Carlile, and Elder Nelson are already famous here in the mission for their hard work as missionaries.

Family History Class

Our missionaries in Jay, recently taught a Family History class to investigators and members. We are finding Family History is a great tool to reach the hearts of the people in this mission area.

BAD Bike Day

It was a bad bike day for Elder Parson's who was rear ended by his companion, Elder Browne recently. Looks like they're headed to the bike shop for repairs!

Hunting for Leprechaun's

Missionary work can be a lot of fun! Elder Taylor and Elder Peterson went on a Leprechaun Hunt on the 17th of March.

Service Day!

Our missionaries love serving, and are always finding new and creative ways to help others. These sisters find great opportunities for service at the Shelter in Tallahassee.

Mobile Stake Conference

We loved spending time with our MOBILE ZONE missionaries this past weekend during Stake Conference. We had the chance to visit with all forty plus missionaries. What a great group of Elders, Sisters, and senior couple. And a shout out to Elders Condie and Welch who did a fabulous job speaking in Stake Conference about the hastening of the work of salvation. We are so proud of them.

We Love Elder Lim

Sending Elder Lim off to his family in Las Vegas. He's been a delightful missionary to work with, and is very loved in this mission.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Storms in Florida

Elder Ogilvie and Elder Garn just about lost their ride for todays appointments due to the storm that came through Lucedale, Mississippi this past weekend.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Beautiful Place

Just another beautiful spring day in Florida.

Sisters in TROY, ALABAMA

Our famous Sisters at the Famous Sisters Restaurant in Troy, Alabama.

Living Scriptures

Elder Riddle and Elder Jackman preparing to bring scripture to life in Primary.

Baptism in Chipley, FLORIDA

A sweet baptism in Chipley, Florida for our sweet sister missionaries, Sister Pickett, Sister Krebs, and Sister Christopherson.

Parrots Present at Lessons

This is a great story from our Calloway Elders, Elder Stokes and Elder Driskell. As a mission, we have been stressing the importance of having members of the Church at our teaching appointments with investigators. It provides an anchor for investigators, and they are more likely to progress in the gospel, and in keeping commitments. The Elders were on their way to an appointment, and they found a parrot in the parking lot, about to be pounced on by a cat. They couldn't just leave the parrot to be eaten! They picked up the parrot and looked for the owner, but to no avail. Not wanting to be late for their appointment, they decided to take the parrot with them. The parrot provided the important "how to begin teaching" moment when you first meet a new investigator when he said, "Hello, how are you doing?". It was a great intro, and the Elders said that the spirit was super strong during the lesson. They would like to add "Parrot present at lessons" to our teaching plan.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Great Day!

What a special day for at least half of our mission. Those within an hour and a half drive to Tallahassee were able to get up very early, drive into Tallahassee and meet with Elder Ballard. What a privilege to be taught by an Apostle. Each missionary had the chance to shake his hand. Here we are ready for our special meeting.
We were able to record the meeting, and will share that with the rest of our mission. Elder Ballard lifted and inspired us as missionaries, and invoked a special blessing upon each of our missionaries, their families, and the work in the mission. Among many of the wonderful things he taught, he told us to "treasure the privilege of sharing the living water with others". We feel so grateful to be missionaries at this special time.
Lunch and conversation afterwards. It was a great day!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Welcome to our New Assistant

We're grateful Elder Musgrave accepted a new assignment as Assistant to the President, and after transfers he knows it is a very BIG job! And, you're just the man for it. We appreciate all that Elder McPherson and Elder Musgrave do in preparation for transfers, during transfer week, and during every other big event going on in the mission. Great leaders, great teachers, and great examples.

Safe Travels

This group of exceptional missionaries left for home this morning. I'm sure they are re-uniting with their families right about now. We will miss them dearly!
We enjoyed dinner and testimonies last night, and felt the spirit confirm the goodness of these missionaries and their efforts in this mission.
At breakfast this morning we had a man from another table come over to talk with us. He told the missionaries how much he respects what they do as missionaries, and that if there were more young men and women like them, the world would be a much better place. Then he took a picture of us all together.
Till we meet again; Sister Comaniuk, Elder Fleetwood, Elder Fonnesbeck, Elder Evans, Elder Call, Elder Coates, Elder Shepherd, and Elder Stubbs -We love you!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Welcome New Missionaries!

We welcomed eight new missionaries into the Mission on Tuesday. We know they will contribute to the work in a BIG way! We picked them up, and most had to get through the night without their luggage which was left behind in Atlanta, Georgia because there was too much weight on the plane. But everybody was cheery, and just happy to get a good nights rest. We love our new Transfer training schedule which includes Wednesday for training new missionaries. A morning of finance, bike, car, and apartment training, and then a break for lunch at Genghis Grill.
Then a quick tour of the Mission office, and more training on a missionary's first twelve weeks, stress management, family history, and church tours. Following that we gave them a missionary experience in Tallahassee. It was great to meet together afterward and share experiences. Of course this morning, transfer day to their new areas was quite inclement. Welcome to Florida!
Every missionary was drenched by the time they were loaded and ready to go, but they were all smiling! You've just got to love this work.