Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baptism in Tally

Baptism on FSU Campus for Sister Smith and Sister Montague.

Sounds Familiar

Hey . . . . .that's Presidents counsel!

Quincy Baptism

Baptism in Quincy for Elder Pizarro, Elder Kunzler, and Elder Hummer.

Baptism in Enterprise

Loving Family Search

Elder Simpson and Elder Bennett help an investigator do his Family search!

We Love Elder Driskell

Our Newest Assistant

We're grateful for our Assistants and all of the hard work they put into helping us, the Missionaries, and the Mission. And we're grateful Elder Fortin is willing to accept his new assignment as an Assistant.

Departing Missionaries

Time to say good-bye to these 23 fantastic missionaries!
Spending our last few hours together . . . . .
And we're off to the Airport -

New Missionaries

We welcomed eight new missionaries to the Mission this week. We also welcomed back Elder Lopez and Elder Owens who have been home recovering from health issues. We are so happy they are back with us!
Welcome Sister White, Sister Stradinger, Sister Hale, Sister Laub, Sister Rindlesbacher, Sister Nielson, Elder Lopez, Elder Gaither, Elder Owens, and Elder Brewer.
The Sisters pick up their new bikes, and get ready to depart to their new areas.
Elders Unite!

We Love Serving

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Monday Motivational

Tornado Touch Down

During Stake Conference last Sunday in Dothan, Alabama we all heard the sound of tornado sirens in the background. No one in Alabama seemed the slight bit nervous about it. On our way home we saw the damage, and then found out that a tornado had also touched down in Tallahassee.
Our Marianna missionaries, including Elder and Sister Lay, and our Dothan Zone Leaders spent a day helping those with downed trees. All under the direction of President Aukema.

Dothan Chili Cook Off

This Chili Cook off stuff is serious business in Dothan, Alabama! Our Dothan Elders judged the competition. Congratulations to Gloria! Our judges include Elder Jones, Elder Moore, Elder Thompson, Elder Balling, and Elder Hansen.

Ready to Harvest

Cairo Elders are ready to harvest . . . . . .

Volunteer of the Year Award

Our very own Elder and Sister Gray received the "Volunteer of the Year" award from the Crawfordville Library. They are always finding ways to do good!

Family History Fun

Family History Booth in Tallahassee!

Crawfordville Baptism

Baptism in Crawfordville for Sister Evanson, Sister Evans, and Sister Lawrence.

Give 'em Heaven

Some of our beloved Sister Missionaries who have returned home, still getting together to give 'em Heaven! We love them!!

Baptism in Quincy

Baptism in Quincy for Elder Kunzler, Elder Pizzaro, and Elder Hummer.

Farewell to Elder Reyes

Said farewell to Elder Reyes this week. He returned home a little bit early to have gallbladder surgery. We are grateful for his valiant service and always happy demeanor. We will miss him dearly!

Serving in Dothan

Some of our Dothan missionaries after Stake Conference with our special Visitor who served as a Missionary in this area 48 years ago! Special treat for us to meet him.

Interviews with the Ozark Elders

Elder Inbody, Elder Hatori, Elder Kimball, and Elder Moss.

The Royal Treatment

Elder Swenson and Elder Crook in the presence of royalty!

Dothan Baptism

Baptism in Dothan for Elder Thompson and Elder Balling.

Baptism in Fort Walton

Baptism in Fort Walton for Sister Hawkins and Sister Vailea.