Friday, May 30, 2014


Please Pray for Weston! He needs our prayers! He is a returned missionary from Mexico City, West. He is from St. George, Utah and was working in Pensacola, Florida for the summer. He was critically injured in a car accident. Elder May and Elder Bochenek visited him again this morning
Elder May and Elder Bochenek, serving in Pensacola, Florida have been visiting this family. As a mission, lets pray along with these Elders for the speedy recovery of this young man. I remember when we were serving in the Marshall Islands and our daughter was in a car accident, life-flighted, with little chance to live through the night. We were half a world away, serving as Mission President and wife, wondering what we could do for her. I know that it was through the prayers of our faithful missionaries, their families, and many other people, that brought miracles in her healing, and comfort and peace in our hearts.

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  1. LOVE that you posted this pic! So heart warming to know so many join in prayer for Weston.