Saturday, May 7, 2016

Vance Theater in Chipley, Florida

Spiritual highlight of the week Friday night in Chipley, Florida. Our Missionaries spent several weeks planning and preparing a Spiritual Fireside of music for the members of the Chipley and Bonifay wards, and non-members in the Community. Many of the members participated along with our Missionaries. The event was held in the historic Vance Theater in downtown Chipley. The owners, Don and Gloria Potts have been renovating the theater for several years, since a fire destroyed it. Many of our Missionaries have helped over the years in the renovation, and bringing it back to life. In 1936, in the balcony of this theater, the first few members of the Chipley Branch met each Sunday. There are now two full Wards of faithful members in this area. It was such a beautiful, and spiritually rich program. Good job Elders!

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